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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  May 13, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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thank you forgoing i'm maureen umeh.m ma >> i'm wisdom martin.isdom today is friday may 13th and3th believe it or not, this is national blame someone elselamee day. >> he did it. >> they did it. >> today we'll proclaimer run and grady -- gdy >> grady on sanford and son. >> i'm going blame my mouth my m for not erin what's going on. o >> i'm over this cloudyudy weather. i'm going blame gary the good news is traffic isic quiet. get an early start at 4:30. i have no road complaints even though you've gone and messednds everything up with the weather all week. w >> all right grady. gra >> grady wilson from sanfordm nd and son. >> ♪ >> get outta' you guys aren't going get what a i'm talking about. it's not going to be thatot g great again today but we'lle'll get some sunshine later this afternoon after thetern thunderstorms go more on that.un it's all coming up and a cold c weekend forecast. i'll have it for you. y
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time. happening today what is reallyd setting up to be a majorajor controversial move by the by the white house in the battle over transgender bathroom use.mse >> the obama administration forcing transgender students stt use the bathroom of their chosen identity. fox5's melanie alnwick isck i live to explain.lain good morning. >> reporter: good morning. all this came about because b after north carolina passedd its controversial bathroom access law public schools had so many questions for the u.s. u department of education and and today the u.s. department ofmef education's answer is clears c that public schools must treat transgender students according to the gender den t lorettaor lynch saying in a statementa nt "there is no room in ourur schools for discrimination of any kind including discrimination againstongainst transgender students on theder basis of their sex. so, the u.s. justice department, u.s. attorney u.s. y general there also ringing inalo here with the u.s. departmentdet of education.of e now, that access includes inc bathrooms and locker
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according to the directive that will be sent to public to c school districts from time totrc time it will be accompanied byap a 25-page document of questions and answers aboutwe best practices and the ways to t make prance gender students feel comfortable in theomfo classroom and protect thehe privacy rights of all students t in bathrooms and locker rooms.oo the controversy has caughthaught fire since north carolinaol passed its law forcinged law students to use the restroom rtr that corresponds with their birth gender and after that t many performers and some s companies boycotted the state sa in protest and the obama administration has called it a i fundamental civil rightsamentalh issue.ts the letter does remindsem students of the title nine lawln which is already in place that t prevents sex discrimination innn educational programs ands a activities that gets federaleder funding and so what they're the' saying basically guys is this is isn't any sort of new law, thea, way that they interpret heightph tell anyone which is alreadye wh on the books is that it does allow gender identity as
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opposed to what was on someone's birth much more to follow on this foli and we want to hear everybody's comments.nt so make sure you hit us up on u facebook and let us know.know. back to you p guys. g >> mel thank you.>> mel thank >> 4:33 is the time.:3 north carolina's bathroom bill b could affect whether or not the state hosts atlantic coast championship events.. the acc says discrimination in any form has noplace in higher education and college athletics. at donald trump's formehlrmp'sf butler has found himself onimse the secret service's radar r because of the online threatseea that he made against president t barack obama. anthony senecal is under firendr for comments he made aboutmm president obama anend his familm on facebook. trump said he had not worked for him in years.for >> the trial of a baltimorealf a police officer charged in theicr death of freddie gray will w continue today. t a judge is hearing officer edward nero's case neff is it i a jury. j prosecutors sai
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failed to follow protocol by unlawfully arresting gray and then failing to buckle gray'se g seat belt in the police van.lic. the defense claims officers offr nero didn't have much to do muc with gray's arrest or transport. his trial expected to lastex five days. >> a group of parents filed an a ethics complaints against d.c.'s school chancellor anderson. claims she asked for money -- my >> if you love go go music it is a good tweaked go he to agoet go go. go. >> today is the first annual aua d.c. go go new music day. >> ♪ the chuck brown band alongbw with other go go artists willl release new music today in honor of the late chuck monday marks the fourth fou anniversary of his death of tomorrow night you can catchou c the chuck brown band and other acts at the howard theater.d t >> and on good day you canan catch the backyard band --an junkyard band.nk it's all good go go either
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way.y. they're here on good day d.c.ayd 10:00 a.m. don't miss this. thi it's going to be to be . >> let's get to gary mcgradygary right now and talk weather.ea >> i'm checking the buildings bd out there this morning it's t still drizzly and we have fogy e in pce not for everybody, though.thou let's show you.le out to the west winchester hascs about the lowest visibility right now.ri most of us no problems. pblem i'll keep an eye on this outp an there because the clouds arecaus fairly low in spots. spo again with the drizzle, too. too look how mild the temperaturespa are. just about everybody coming in the lower 60's this morning. winchester lower vicinity but lw lower temperature, too.te you're sitting at 59 degreesmp a and fredericksburg is 64. is we have the low clouds and fog a in place this morning.. now, notice the showers backhoac out to the west of us.het of these are going to weaken andean then they're going to recharge r later on, okay, so we have so wh thunder today and some showers possible, temperatures will get into the mid 70's. 7 as the front moves through andhd as the showers andrs thunderstorms move east we'll get some sunshine later onater this afternoon and early intoart the evening hours. and we'll be dry overnight
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tonight.tonigh so, erin, thank things are looko up for at least 24 hours or sorr and then more rain comes i >> i'll take it for friday,ri gary. 4:36 right now.ig i'll also take the morningni commute.ute. inbound traffic quiet.d tr no problem 66 as you make yourou way from manassas through westht falls church.fa bethesda looking if.ooki i same story silver spring. sin no worries in largo. outer loop and inner loop andnnl entire stretch of the beltwaye y looking good.lo you can see i was the green on e our map. our same story as you make youre yor way out south of the district. 95 north coming into com woodbridge from dale city you're wide opened no, typical volume yet. in stafford we have volumeor building as you make youd r wayw up towards 610.ards10 green on the map now just extra cars picking up so be prepared. we'll keep you updated. metro gearing up for service ser at 5:00 that is on time.n t we'll let you know if any if usual delays kick in and any a questions for your commute atte erin fox5 on twitter. wisdom.wi >> coming up on fox newsg up on morning the late of the fight f about the district's economy eco brewing
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smithsonian's newonia african-american museum.eum. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> time t-, heli.>> here i am. more than 100 years a woman will be inar charge of thiss hospital. hosp we'll show it to you. y >> as we head to break, we'll listen to some go go right now because it's such app specialpei day in the go go world. wor live look outside across the dmv. we're going to talk about itut i all morni long. 4:37 is the time. back in a moment.
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>> state troopers fromta massachusetts and newac hampshire are suspended after hting caught on camerahusuug allegedly beating a plan who who surrendered after a high speedhs the two are being investigatedni and the governors of both states expressed concernsxp about what they saw in video.hea >> there's a possibility d.c.osd play not be able to spend its local tax dollars without theut approval of congress.ongr house republicans are canarcan considering a bill which wouldi do just that. t north carolina representativentt mark meadows says lawmakersws are working on the legislation to clarify the requirement forcing the city to submit itsos local budget to congress.ess. >> an endangered sumatran rhino gives birth ini indonesia. this is a huge success. the organization is trya ing too save the critically endangeredgd species. thfo
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rhino was born yesterday isrd that healthy and active. activ >> ♪ >> time now is 4:40. 4 let's take a look at theook at e stories you're engaging withrean the most this morning on mor social media with our realtime t news tracker. tcker >> for that we turn now tourn nw holly morris.or good morning, holly., holly. >> good morning to both of you u and everybody out there, happy,p friday. first up this morning, johns, hn hopkins hospital has appointeded its first female president in its 127 year history.. dr. miller will start her newrtr job on july 1st and says she hopes her presidency sends anc message to other women toomen aspire to leadership roles. next up, a federal judge fej has ruled that the obama administration is unconstitutionally funding theue president's healthcare law. law the white house will likelyy appeal the ruling later this month.nt and finally, the city surrounding d.c. are among themg most diverse in the countryou according to a new study by sdy wallet hub.llub. gaithersburg ranked first forrst diversity on the list of morere than 300 cities across the three o
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silver spring germantown andingm frederick placed in the topacedt 10. d.c. actually ranked 127th ond o the list.e l alexandria virginia is 45 and arlington is 133. 1 so forget new york as a melting pot. >> that's right.>> ts ri >> apparently we are it.entlwe a >> that pot is right here inht right. >> thanks holly. thanks holly. >> coming up on fox5 news, if ni you received an e-mail saying-ms that you have an overdueverd traffic fine, you mightyomigh actually just want to ignoreustt it. >> and as we head to break onreo this friday morning, here's a, ' live look across the d.c. region. ooh, yeah, it is still gloomyism out there.ther more rain expected today.od but hey, let's cheer up with this music. this is a little jill scottjill for you. a little sunshine in your y life, right? time now 4:42. 42. back right after this.his. >> ♪ >> ♪ z1zqkz
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>> ♪ >> back now at happening right now a deathght e investigation in princeigation p william county virginia.counirgi here's what we know.hat we know. police were called to brazil bri circle dale city just before jus 9 o'clock last night. night not a lot of information about this right now, about theht person that die nd. t we have a crew onha the way to t the scene and we'll share morerr information as soon as we get it. >> nebraska recovering aftersk gea tting pummeled by a huge bag hail storm.ha made the city look like it wasik in the middle of omaha got a total of 7-inches 7c of hail. residents had to use shovelsls to try to clear it out. o >> this hail started comingg down. down. never seen anything like itli i >> scary.ry. i thought my skylights were going to go and that's bad but b they didn't.idn' >> i've lived out in this area e for over 30 years and this is the worst hail storm that i've seen. >> although the hail storml s caught many residents offid guard no major damage was reported.repo >> all right. 4:45 is the time.the t gary mcgrady let's just's j embrace what's going on withi the weather and maybe thather a will change it.e it. so let's just not complain com about itnd
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is, bring it on.g n. >> you guys, i mean, thes, i met reason that our producer putsdus that story before our weather bf is just to remind you -- >> perspective, right.erecti >> yeah. it gets worse. this ain't bad what we're we' dealing with when you think about 7-inches of hail on theain ground. >> incredible. >> that's mad stuff.f. here's reagan national thisga morning. everyone is mild.n eryos mi 63 degrees.63 dulles 63. bwi marshall is 62 degrees.2 de. we have clouds in place thisce t we do have some drizzle outzzle there an little bit of fog.fog visibility in some cases hasases been reduced down close to aloo mile. but just a couple of spotsoupleo back out to the west. okay.. here's tomorrow, all right. we'll get to the weekend theke forecast first and then we'llhe talk about what's going tohat's happen later today.en l tod again tomorrow showers,howers thunderstorms possible. but you know what, i think wehai start off tomorrow with goodd amounts of sunshine and it se a will actually be pretty nice -- at least for the first t half of the day.ha this front will come through thu and this is -- this front foror may really means business.uses so, cooler air coming in on
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high pressure builds in asssur well. we'll have breezy conditions.oni winds will be 15, 20 miles perm hour. temperatures only in the upper 50's to low 60's for highs onhso sunday. sund here's what it looks likeike association for tomorrow, wemo start off pretty showers and thunderstorms willms come through temperatures tomorrow will bees in the mid 70's for highs in advance of the front. front we haven't really changedy hang anything from yesterday here.err still again it looks much, much cooler on sunday. high temperature ofgh 64 degrees. t now, we'll have some sunshineave but we'll have some clouds,cuds, too, and definitely the breeze will be coming in out of the inf northwest at about 15 to about 5 20 miles per hour.peou okay, now let's talk about today. today. specifically this we have clouds in place here,er drizzle, fog, you know thekn t drill. back to the west, showers. showe watch how the showers will wil dissipate and then they'llll recharge again as they comehe over the mountains and become thunderstorms. this is about noontimee 1 o'clock, line of showers andhs thunderstorms developing right g along i-95. i-9 this will set up just to thet te west of i-95
4:48 am and as it moves through forgh the afternoon and the evening, i we should have dry conditions ci 4, 5, 6 o'clock with lots oflots sunshine. this evening actually looks loo gorgeous once all this moveses through. tomorrow morning we start offrto with lots of sunshine.ine. notice more thunderstorms backhr out to the west and as they as t come through, it looks likeok lk tomorrow some of these thunderstorms could be strong,tr maybe even severe. sev i think the storms tomorrow will be stronger than what we have today becauseec significantly colder airy co coming in behind that and bynd saturday night, we dry out and a then we'll begin to cool off aoa little bit as that colder air cl comes in. so here's your next sevent ve days.da. 75 today. sunshine this afternoon, okay. sunshine this afternoon afters a showers and thunderstorms moveve across, late afternoon.fter 74 tomorrow with more showersrs and thunderstorms. much cooler and breezy ony on sunday, a few clouds on monday, still cool. c and next week, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, right back in the yuck.e yu he's
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trreaffic on this fridayc thi morning. i won't even mention, erin,,ri that it's the 13th.3t >> friday the 13th. 1 >> i'm not saying >> you know what that means,mea, right?gh >> i'm not worried about it.or >> all right, that's g i'll g take your lead, gary maryland commute good news allmg green on our map.een on our map. let me get out of the way.etut y you can see 95 south from the icc to the beltway 270 south cruising along 121 to the spurop north of that point in that t in frederick still quiet bite quiet truck scales. 50 west 301 to the beltway you don't hit any of thef congestion yet.cong if you're considering makingmaki the commute early you'llotl not hit any of those slow zones we had it later.had it later. same story in virginia allry ina green across our maps through th the springfield in fredericksburg 66 eastbound b 234 to 29 and 395 looking good in you would edsall to king toin street. right now take a look at this.o no alerts from metro rightight now. now. you are clear for all six allix lines as they gear up for u service at 5:00.:0 i'll let you know if thatnow ift changes. kind of a misty dreary starteary to the friday morning commutemu so give
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minutes to get acclimated tolim the roads. rds use some caution. you may have slick spots fromk f all the rain over the past two weeks. any questions all my twittery tt fans at erin fox5 d.c. or onrn facebook happy to help you y plan your route this friday the 13th spooky music morning.og back to you in the studio he. >> i don't know sitting theresie for like an hour or more.r m they just said it was a delay,ey a backup.a backup. i don't know. >> i was told the bag would beau at the check out.ckut we've been on the plane for anln hour. i don't know.i >> those women local>> t passengers who got caught upt up in a massive baggage the glitch prevented t.s.a. t agents from screening bags som a all luggage had to be screenedes by hand and then transferredands to other a that led to more than 3,000 tha, bags missing flights and major delays for fliers last as passengers struggle ontr the ground and the skieski yesterday a house senateat committee met to question the practi
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>> they're demanding answers. fox5's annie yu joins usu j u live from reagan national nio airport with the latest on theet t.s.a. troubles. annie. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you, maureen andmen d yeah, you know, this hasow, th s become a real big problem atroem the national level but here in i our d.c. region we have threee major airports bwi dulles and here at rage. rage. in and we know during thise time of year the summer travel season picks up, holidays it hot picks up but here this morningir at the 4 o'clock hour you canr u already see the lines are just j kind of forming pretty long here at reagan national andiol many travelers are just sick sic and tired of the long security r lines and apparently so isyo i congress so they are steppingo s in and the head of t.s.a. was. grilled during a hearing onduria the hill yesterday.rd he had to answer some seriouser and tough questions fromns f member of congress about the t current practices of t.s.a.f t.a now, again, longer lines are les to be expected during heavyvy travel seasons but couple thatpt with the report that t.s.a. gave one official $90,000 inn bonuses after
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failed screenings, securityecit screenings for banned weapons wa and corn to the generalener inspector in 2015 there were almost 18,000 complaints, that's about 350 complaints a week that were coming in from frustrated travelersle complaining of longer security lines, fewer staff members andes a good number of those tho complaints allege that dhs personnel engaged in these are reasons why congresso is demanding answers. take a >> at this time of year traveling public picks up. kids and families and people are traveling sometimes att record levels. people get frustrated they gohe to airlines, there's long line, frustration, but at thetrt same time we have to make sure those airplanes are properlylanr secured because the enemy torts only need to get pieo gete once and they deal with and the millions of passengers on apasss
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>> seventy two there is goodty t news for air travelers.velers. the head of t.s.a. says t.s.a. s they've taken steps to addressos some of these issues raised bye congress. they'll retrain all securityreti screeners, they're going to benb hiring more employees and theyem are also going to make sure that they hire enough peoplereug to get you through those screening process faster and quicker onto those planes and the house senate committee says they expect an in depth d plan from t.s.a. in the nextm t. 30 days. so, congress stepping in stepp cracking down on t.s.a.on back to you in the studio. sdi >> today the government isert i expected to release a list oft names of the people involvede il in the george washington washi bridge scandal in new all the people listed arelire believed to have known about the alleged conspiracy to t close the bridge's lanes inan i the political payback scheme.chm one person on the list wantst ws to remain anonymous. he's asking a federal judge toae have him identified as johniejo doe. the attorney for that man saysor that releasing his name will naw brand him as a criminalminal without giving him due due process.oc >> soon parking at
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meter for one hour will cost w you just as much as purchasingcs a gallon of regular gas. g all meters across the city will go up $2.30 an hour. hou the change comes as metroset plans to shut down portions oft blue orange and silver linee which means many people will w hit the roads.oads >> i just recently started i kind of hope people start to a bike. it makes sense and if that'sensi going to start to happen thenpen we need a heck of a lot more l bike stands i'll tell you thatla much but in terms of parkingarkg you'll just see it go up ando that's just more out of my o pocket which means d.c. is notcs a city that i'm coming to liveil inform it's a simply that i'm'm coming to to exist. to exi >> department of transportation will beti will be adjusting the meters over the oe next couple of weeks.ofks >> we want to warn you about abt fishing scam targeting drivers. the department of motortment vehicle sent o it a note to drivers alerting them aboutembot the scam.e sca the subject line of the fake the e-mail says notice of overduefve park pentagon violations.s. the e-mail asks customers totors pay an overdue fine and late l fee. the dmv urges drivers to
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ignore the e-mail saying ifl sin you have an overdue fine the and agency will that contact you by regular mail and not e-mail. quick heads up all of the public library in the city ofy alexandria will be closed today. this is a staff training day for library employees.mpye >> so no, library materials will be due today but booky butk drop-off boxs are remaineem opened all day.ay. online services such as data d bases e books, e audio booksio b will be available. >> all alexandria librarieslexai will open for normal business hours saturday morning tomorrow at 10 a many.ow at a m >> all right. so, yesterday wasn't too badtoo in the afternoon. afternoon. there were some people outle doing some >> right. >> gary you were one of those o people. you had a baseball gamed a yesterday. wo yeah, we won, too.h, we good -- and listen, you know,w, yesterday depended on wheredepe you were. w did you see sunshine? if you didn't, you were probably moreby towards i-95 and to the east ths but western and northwesternthst neighborhoods got some sunshine and as wisdom mentioned it wasn't tood it w terribly bad.terrib 62 in town now but just aboutusa everybody coming in in the iin lower 60, a
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to the mid 60's.s. winchester you're 59. 5 annapolis you're 61.ou're it's in the 60's for 6 leonardtown as well.l. thunderstorms today.sod showers today. temperatures will make it up wil into the mid 70's. 7 once the showers andrs thunderstorms come throughtos co between about 10:00 a.m. and a 2:00 p.m. or 3:00 p.m., p.m afternoon after that, 4, 5, 6 o'clock we'll dry out, we'll have some somnshi that's when temperatures willeml really warm up.real war again, a few thunderstormshund this afternoon.this after nothing too terribly severe.ev here's erin como with a look at your friday morningor traffic. erin i just like saying that,ay, friday morning.friday mor we made it.we m >> despite the fact it's it's friday the 13th i still love l the sound of friday.riday. inbound traffic still green on l our map.r we're off to a quiet start. sta i don't want to jinx us but ix b want to enjoy these conditions i in the district we're in great shape on all of our secondaryony downtown.downto no problems chinatown chito northwest portion of thehw moving along fine connecticutct and massachusetts wisconsin wco looking good. outer loop of the beltway wethle don't have any usualny u congestion yet as you make yet a your way from 95 through theough spur. ur. now keep in min
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increasing in frederick by the t truck scales but nothing slowngo enough to cause any delays yet. in chevy chase in great shape.. problem free in cabin john.n. cabin john and clara barton innn good shape.ha 66 inbound from manassas manassa through centreville as you approach west falls churcht lls looking good. goo inner loop bottom of theoo beltway problem free from free m prince george's county as yourgn cross the wilson bridge.ri got you covered if and when anything else picks elspik metro is gearing up for u service in the next fewe in minutes that is on time. we'll let you know if thingsfhi get congested later in the in morning. back to you. >> coming up on fox newsing up morning the meeting betweeningen donald trump and paul ryan has s led one republican leader to change his stance on the presumptive gop presidential nominee. >> north carolina's bathroominao law could impact one of the state's greatest past times.t tm as we head to break here's a quick look at this morning's mni stock futures. >> ♪
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>> ♪ there this is fox5 news thx morning. mornin >> straight ahead on fox news morning, is president obamaidena overstepping the powers of hisss office? to


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